A 360-Degree Immersion

into the Ocean Plastics Crisis


The first annual Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit gathers leaders from across the plastic value chain to viscerally experience the reality of the ocean plastics crisis.

More than 100 global change makers will attend the Ocean Plastics Leadership Summit. Participants will share best practices, highlight existing solutions and explore new innovations by confronting one of the most challenging issues on the planet. For four days, through solutions-based programming, an onboard microplastics lab, an innovation hub, trawling for plastic in the open ocean and a beach cleanup, we’ll deep dive into the marine debris crisis. We’ll explore new ways to engage the entire value chain and address challenges related to infrastructure, financing and industry collaboration.

Programming:  Solutions-based. Science-driven. A 360-degree view of the challenge.

Broad Perspectives and Lively Interaction

The Ocean Plastics Summit is designed to ensure maximum participant engagement and optimizes Summit’s ability to cover a broad range of critical subjects.

Programming: Visceral, Hands-On Experiences

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Exploring the North Atlantic Gyre by Zodiac

Trawl for plastic with our experiential lead, 5 Gyres Institute.

 At first glance, the animals that live in Sargassum rafts seem isolated from the rest of the world. But, like the seaweed they live in, these animal communities have many links to larger ocean food webs. For example, Sargassum animals provide essential food for sea birds, sea turtles, and bluefin tuna—all long-distance migrators. In fact, Sargassum rafts have been designated as "essential fish habitat" by the South Atlantic Fishery Management Council.

During the Ocean Plastics Summit, 5 Gyres, our experiential lead, will provide trawls and protocols for participants to collect data on marine plastic pollution, raising awareness about this important issue, and contribute to a more robust global dataset. The information collected during the Summit will be used to update 5 Gyre’s Global Estimate of Marine Plastic Pollution. This program provides a unique hands-on experience to carry out research that is essential to the 5 Gyres mission.


Snorkeling in the Sargasso Sea

Snorkeling in sargassum seaweed deposits to observe the way microplastics and natural fauna interact in the open ocean

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Beach Clean Up

Enhance the local environment and create a safer ecosystem for indigenous birds, marine life and local residents.


Programming:  Innovation Showcase

Onboard Solutions Showcase

Explore alternative business models, chemical recycling innovation and new advances in recycling infrastructure


Programming: Citizen Science

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Plastic Analysis

Engage in scientific research by analyzing plastic discovered in the ecosystem via a state-of-the-art micro and macro plastics lab.